04.05.2018 в 03:00

Intellectual game, dedicated to the celebration of Local Government Day

At the State Management faculty was an intellectual game "What? Where? When?", dedicated to the celebration of Local Government Day. 8 intellectual teams took part in the intellectual tournament. The game was conducted in three rounds, which included questions from the field of state and municipal administration, general issues and Islamic issues. So, in the Round "General Topic" the connoisseurs had to "rack their brains" over such a question: "How did the 100-year-old bonds issued by Walt Disney's company have been called in the financial press?" (The correct answer is "Sleeping Beauty"). As a result of persistent "brain" battles, the absolute winner team and team-winners were revealed, the last of which scored the same number of points. To determine the second and third places, a so-called "shootout" was assigned: the teams answered an additional question.

As a result, the places were distributed as follows:

I place - the team of GMU-16-1

II place - the team of GMU-17-1

III place - the team of GMU-17-3