Social activity

For students and undergraduates, in addition to the state academic scholarship, the following forms of material support are implemented:

  1. State social scholarship;
  2. Material assistance;
  3. Increased scholarship (material encouragement);
  4. Individual scholarships;
  5. Payments to students from the number of orphans and children left without parental care.

The procedure for awarding and payment of scholarships is regulated by the Regulation on Scholarship Provision, the amount of state scholarships corresponds to the Russian Federation legislation.

Every year students of the University participate in the competition for scholarships of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, personal individual scholarships.

  1. Scholarship Provision.
    Social scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate and graduate students (budgetary basis), whose families are recognized as low-income by the territorial authorities of social protection (at the place of registration). Social scholarship is a monthly payment.
  2. Material assistance - a one-time allowance paid to full-time students, undergraduates (budgetary basis) once a semester, regardless of academic performance.
  3. Incentive payments.
    In accordance with the scholarship regulations it is possible to encourage students, undergraduates for achievements in academic, scientific, cultural, mass cultural or sports activities on the presentation of the relevant units.
  4. Personal scholarships.
    Scholarships are granted on a personal basis according to the Resolutions of the Russian Government. They are distributed in accordance with the Administrative Regulations.

Every year organizational and technical arrangements are made for our students - applicants for Likhachev, Sobchak, Solzhenitsyn, Gaidar, Tumanov and Voznesensky personal scholarships.

The University pays special attention to social and economic support for orphans and children left without parental care.

The transfer from paid to free form of education is carried out in accordance with the regulatory documents (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 06.06.2013 № 443, the order of the rector of the university on the composition of the commission).